Civic Duty
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  • Rated: R
  • Genre: Mystery, Suspense, Drama
  • Year: 2007
English: Dolby Digital 5.1
English / Subtitled


Angry and depressed over losing his job, accountant Terry Allen (Peter Krause) begins to suspect his new, Middle Eastern neighbor is at the center of a terrorist conspiracy. Terry becomes obsessed about revealing the man's true identity and finally takes matters into his own hands ⦠with shocking results.

Cast & Crew

Peter Krause ... Terry Allen
Kari Matchett ... Marla Allen
Ian Tracey ... Lt. Lloyd
Richard Schiff ... Agent Hillary
Khaled Abol Naga ... Gabe Hassan
Mark Brandon ... Night Anchor
Val Cole ... Morning Anchor


Richard Roeper Ebert & Roeper | May 21, 2007

A flawed but worthwhile examination of paranoia and clashing cultures in the 21st century.

Richard Nilsen Arizona Republic | May 05, 2007

It does build up considerable suspense and tension; Renfroe has learned well from Hitchcock.

Peter Howell Toronto Star | May 04, 2007

A sharp 9/11 twist on Rear Window paranoia, Civic Duty is all the more effective for its chilling plausibility.

Lisa Rose Newark Star-Ledger | May 04, 2007

Civic Duty sends you home depressed, but at least it makes you think. It's a breed of film that's rare to find on the summer movie slate.

Jack Mathews New York Daily News | May 04, 2007

Though Civic Duty seems to be a study in paranoid psychosis, it has just enough ambiguity to make you wonder if it isn't something else. You'll still be wondering when it's all over.

Tom Maurstad Dallas Morning News | May 04, 2007

If Mr. Krause weren't so good at making his psychotic break with reality (or was it?) so steadily, plausibly convincing, the movie would be unwatchable. Instead, it's a disturbing diary of one man's descent.

Jim Ridley Village Voice | May 01, 2007

Expected ironies about homeland security, racial profiling, and fears of the Other land like a rain of anvils, and director Renfroe matches Krause's worked-up performance with a jiggly, flashy approximation of off-brand Tony Scott.


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