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The Magnificent Seven
Academy Award® Winner* Yul Brynner stars in the landmark western that launched the film careers of Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson and James Coburn. Tired of being ravaged by marauding bandits, a small Mexican village seeks help from seven American gunfighters. Set against Elmer Bernstein’s Oscar® Nominated** score, director John Sturges’ thrilling adventure belongs in any Blu-ray collection.

*1956: Actor, The King and I **1960

Return of the Magnificent Seven
Yul Brynner rides tall in the saddle in this sensational sequel to The Magnificent Seven! Brynner rounds up the most unlikely septet of gunfighters—Warren Oates, Claude Akins and Robert Fuller among them—to search for their compatriot who has been taken hostage by a band of desperados.

Guns of the Magnificent Seven
This fast-moving western stars Oscar® Winner* George Kennedy as the revered—and feared—gunslinger Chris Adams! When a Mexican revolutionary is captured, his associates hire Adams to break him out of prison to restore hope to the people. After recruiting six experts in guns, knives, ropes and explosives, Adams leads his band of mercenaries on an adventure that will pit them against their most formidable enemy yet!

*1967: Supporting Actor, Cool Hand Luke

The Magnificent Seven Ride!
This rousing conclusion to the legendary Magnificent Seven series stars Lee Van Cleef as Chris Adams. Now married and working for the law, Adams’ settled life is turned upside-down when his wife is killed. Tracking the gunmen, he finds a plundered border town whose widowed women are under attack by ruthless marauders. Outraged and outnumbered, he resurrects the Seven to take on the killers in this final, emotional battle!

Disc Information

Disc 1: The Magnificent Seven
Disc 2: Return of the Magnificent Seven
Disc 3: Guns of the Magnificent Seven
Disc 4: The Magnificent Seven Ride!

**Guns for Hire - The Making of The Magnificent Seven
**Elmer Bernstein and The Magnificent Seven
**The Linen Book: Lost Images from The Magnificent Seven
**Theatrical Trailers
**Still Gallery
**Audio Commentary Featuring James Coburn, Eli Wallach, Walter Mirsch (Producer), Robert Relyea (Assistant Director)


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