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Mac Support

Transfer using MAC:

  1. Insert the Digital Copy disc into your Mac DVD drive.
  2. Close the DVD player window.
  3. Double-click on the disc icon on your desktop.
  4. Double-click on the “Transfer Movie” icon for the format you want in the Mac Finder window - iTunes or Android.
    • For iTunes:
      • In the iTunes store, enter your unique activation code listed on the insert located inside the Blu-ray or DVD package and follow on-screen instructions.
    • For Android:
      • In the Digital Copy application, enter your unique activation code listed on the insert found in your Blu-ray or DVD package.
      • Follow the on-screen instructions to transfer the movie to your personal device.
        • Click the Android icon and select your device.
        • Choose a destination for your Android transfer.
          • Note:
            • Your Android device must be attached to your Mac using the USB sync/charge cable provided with your Android or it will not appear as a selectable device from the Fox Digital Copy app device list.
            • Upon connecting your device to your computer, you may need to manually select ‘USB Mass Storage’ as your USB connection method. This screen may vary by manufacturer.
            • Some Androids may have multiple destination drives, which will appear on your PC/Mac screen prompting you to choose the destination. Choose the destination where you would like to transfer your movie (either to the Android’s built in memory or an added SD card).
            • In the event that you do not have enough room on the device’s internal storage, you may be required to insert a Secure Digital card with enough space to accommodate the movie file you are attempting to transfer.
      • Your Digital Copy file will begin to download
        • Download speed will vary based on processer speed and internet connection
      • The download is complete when you receive a “Transfer Complete” message.
      • Click the “Install App” icon.
      • This will direct you to the Android Market site to download the Fox Digital Copy app through your Android.
      • After your download is complete and the App has been loaded, your file is ready to view on your device. From your device, press the Fox Digital Copy app and enjoy your movie.

Existing iTunes Users

Go to "Help" in the top toolbar, and then click on "Check for Updates". If you have not yet upgraded to the latest version of iTunes, you will be prompted to do so. Click "Download iTunes" in the pop-up window. Accept the license agreement, and your download should begin. You will need to restart your computer for updates to take effect.

New iTunes Users

Upgrade to the latest version here:
If you have upgraded to the latest version of iTunes and restarted your computer, and you are still experiencing difficulties transferring via iTunes, please contact customer support at or dial (866) 520-6606.

Q. I’m having trouble transferring my Digital Copy in iTunes, what should I do?

A. Users should upgrade to the latest version of iTunes to transfer their Digital Copy using the iTunes format.

Q. I downloaded the file to iTunes, but it only shows a grey screen when I try to play the file and it won’t play on my iPod either.

A. In the iTunes window, go to the “Store” menu at the top of the screen and click “Authorize Computer.” Input your iTunes Store account information and click "Authorize." A message should appear saying the computer is already authorized. Click “OK” in that window and the file should play correctly. At that point, you will only need to re-sync your iPod to your iTunes library. If you continue having difficulty, please contact iTunes directly.

Q. After updating iTunes, I still receive a prompt to update iTunes when redeeming a Digital Copy. What should I do?

A. If you receive a message similar to the ones below please follow these steps:

  • Eject the Digital Copy disc
  • Restart iTunes
  • Insert the Digital Copy disc
  • Type in your unique activation code

For further support transferring an iTunes Digital Copy, please visit:

For further support transferring to Android device please refer to the Android Support section of this site.

For further support transferring to Android device please refer to the Android Support section of this site or visit Google’s Android Market web site for Android Application support including “Getting Started” and “Troubleshooting” tips. To access the page, paste the following address you’re your web browser:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Digital Copy?

A. Digital Copy enables buyers of Blu-ray and DVD titles to receive a digital version of the movie on their Mac or Windows PC, or to transfer the movie to their Android device or other video-enabled Mobile Device.

Q. What are the benefits of Digital Copy?

A. Digital Copy is a fast and easy way to enjoy your favorite movies, anytime, anywhere on your PC, Mac, Android device or other video-enabled mobile device. Movie watchers who enjoy their favorite Blu-rays and DVDs from the comfort of their living room can also enjoy their favorite movies on the go by bringing a Digital Copy with them wherever they go.

Q. How does Digital Copy work?

A. Digital Copy works in the following steps:

  • Insert Digital Copy disc into your Mac or PC
  • Click "Transfer Movie" icon
  • Enter the unique 16 digit activation code located on the insert in your Blu-ray or DVD case
  • If transferring to a Mobile Device, connect it via USB Cable
  • Select your desired file format
  • Select a transfer destination
  • Once the transfer completes, you can enjoy your favorite film anywhere, anytime

Q. Nothing happens when I put the disc in my DVD-ROM drive. What am I doing wrong?

A. Ensure your drive has a "DVD" symbol; this is required to do the transfer and play back the special features. If you have a valid, functioning DVD drive, the disc should automatically play, and a window should load with the options to play or transfer the movie. If this does not work, please follow these additional steps to manually load your menu: On a Windows PC: Go to My Computer > Double-Click the icon where your DVD Drive is displayed. On a MAC: Launch the Finder and click the disc icon in the sidebar area.

Q. What if the transfer is interrupted or cancelled before it is complete?

A. You will be notified the process was canceled and will be given the option to retry or reenter your code. Follow instructions on how to transfer the Digital Copy again.
Possible Solution Check List:

  • Make sure you have sufficient space on your computer or Mobile Device's hard drive. All files require a minimum of 2.5 GB or storage.
  • On your computer, ensure you have the latest version of your selected media player.
  • Make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements:
    • Mac users will need the latest version of iTunes, the latest version of QuickTime (7.6. or later), and Mac OS X 10.5.0 or later.
    • Android devices: Android 2.1 or later, Apple Safari 5.0 or later
      • PC: Windows Media Player 11 or later on Windows XP SP2 or later with latest Windows service pack recommended or Windows Media Player 10 or later on Windows XP 32 bit or Vista and/or the latest version of iTunes (7.6 or higher as required by iTunes) and at least 1GB or more of RAM.
        • iTunes is not supported in Windows XP 64-bit operating systems.
    • Occasionally your transfer device will be set to automatically go to sleep (turn off after a period of inactivity), be sure that your device settings reflect an appropriate amount of time to accommodate your transfer/download.
  • If you would like to speak to Fox Digital Copy Customer Care please email or dial (866) 520-6606. Please have the following information available:
    • Your unique activation code found on the insert in your Blu-ray or DVD package
    • Your email address
    • The title of the movie you are having the issue with
    • Your computer's operating system and version
    • Your computer's web browser and version
    • Your computer's media player version
    • Any specific error message you have received
If your issue relates to a Mobile Device, please contact the manufacturer's customer support hotline first.

Q. If I delete my Digital Copy from my computer, can I transfer it again later?

A. For Windows Media and Android: Activation codes can be used once to transfer your Digital Copy to your computer. If your Digital Copy is deleted and a second transfer is attempted, the unique code will not work. It is recommended to back up your files to avoid losing your Digital Copy.

For iTunes: Standard iTunes usage rules apply.

Q. How long will it take to copy the movie file to my computer?

A. The total time will vary depending on the speed of your DVD-ROM drive and internet connection.

Q. How long will it take to copy the movie file to my Mobile Device?

A. The total time will depend on the speed of your DVD-ROM drive, the connection cable and your mobile device.

Q. How do I know once the Digital Copy transfer process has completed?

A. You will receive a "Transfer Complete" message for Windows Media and Android, and a Download Complete message in iTunes - which is under the 'Downloads' folder in iTunes.

Q. After I successfully transfer the Digital copy to my computer, how do I play it?

A. For Windows Media, after a successful transfer, your movie will live within the Windows Media Player library. Simply launch Windows Media, and choose your movie from the play list.

For iTunes, your movie will live within the iTunes library. Simply navigate to the 'Movies' folder within iTunes, and choose your movie from the play list.

For Android playback, the movie lives only on your Android device. After you have obtained the Fox Digital Copy application from the Android marketplace, simply launch the application on your device and the movie will appear in the playlist.

Q. What software media players can I use to play the movie file on my computer?

A. The Windows Media movie file is viewable on Windows Media Player version 10 or later. The iTunes file can be viewed on iTunes 7.6 or later as required by iTunes.

Q. Do I need to perform a Windows security component upgrade?

A. It is highly recommended that you upgrade by going to the following URL: This page lets you upgrade the security components of your digital media player so you can play protected files on your computer. This may also assist you with any DRM related errors you may experience due to an outdated version.

Q. What if I do not want to use the Fox Digital Copy feature and instead watch the contents of my DVD on my PC?

A. Simply select "Play Movie" from the menu, which should launch your default DVD Player. Or, you may close the window that appears upon insertion of the DVD and manually launch your preferred DVD Player. On a Mac, Apple DVD player will automatically start upon disc insertion.

Q. On my Mac, the DVD plays back automatically upon disc insertion. How do I transfer my Digital Copy?

A. On a Mac, Apple DVD player will automatically start upon disc insertion. Simply quit Apple DVD player, and you should be presented with the Fox Digital Copy application, which will guide you through the steps of redeeming your Digital Copy.

Q. How many times can I watch my Digital Copy?

A. Once you get your Digital Copy, it is yours to keep. You can view your movie as many times as you like.

Q. Can I give my Digital Copy to someone else?

A. Your movie is non-transferable and is tied directly to your computer and will not play if transferred to other computers.

Q. How many computers/Mobile Devices can I transfer my movie to?

A. If you select Windows Media Player format, you can transfer your movie to one computer and one compatible Mobile Device or Android as set forth in the end user license agreement (Terms & Conditions). If you select the iTunes format, standard iTunes usage rules apply.

Q. Does FOX use DRM (Digital Rights Management) on their Digital Copy titles?

A. Yes, currently FOX uses DRM on their digital copies.

Q. Where do I find my activation code to unlock my Digital Copy?

A. The activation code is supplied on the insert in the original Blu-ray or DVD package.

Q: Will other FOX titles have Digital Copy in the future?

A. Yes, FOX will continue to offer Digital Copy and other new features on as many of our products as possible.

Q. How do I contact Customer Support?

A. For Digital Copy inquiries please email or dial (866) 520-6606.