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Remington Steele Season 2
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  • Rated: Unrated
  • Genre: Drama, Adventure, Action, TV DVD
  • Year: 2012
English: Mono
English / Subtitled


As Laura and Remington continue to fight crime, and their growing attraction to each other, Laura catches tantalizing glimpses into her partner's mysterious and very private past. For Remington is always reluctant to accept cases involving any of his old acquaintances, no matter what side of the law they're on. Yet despite the secrets, the twosome know they need to be able to trust each other completely after a series of investigations puts them directly in the line of fire.

Disc Information

Disc 1 Side 1:

*Steele Away With Me
*Red Holt Steele
*Altared Steele

Disc 1 Side 2:

**Steele Framed
**A Steele at Any Price
**Steele Action

Disc 2 Side 1:

**Love Among the Steele
**Scene Steelers
**Steele Knuckles and Glass Jaws
**My Fair Steele

Disc 2 Side 2:

**Steele Threads
**Steele Eligible
*Steele Eligible commentary with Michael Gleason and Sheldon Larry
**Steele Mildred

Disc 3 Side 1:

**High Flying Steele
**Blood is Thicker Than Steele
**Steele Sweet on You
*Steele Sweet on You commentary with Susan Baskin and Michael Gleason
**Elegy in Steele

Disc 3 Side 2:
**Small Town Steele
**Molten Steele
**Steele Together

Disc 4 Side 1:

*Dreams of Steele
*Woman of Steele

Disc 4 Side 2:

**Hounded Steele
*Hounded Steele commentary with Jeff Melvoin
**Elementary Steele


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