127 Hours
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  • Rated: R
  • Genre: Drama
  • Year: 2010
English Dolby Digital 5.1, Spanish Dolby Surround, French Dolby Surround
127 Hours
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  • Rated: R
  • Genre: Drama
  • Year: 2010
English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1, Spanish Dolby Digital 5.1, French Dolby Digital 5.1


FROM ACADEMY AWARD®-WINNING DIRECTOR DANNY BOYLE* (Slumdog Millionaire ) comes the powerfully uplifting true story of one man’s struggle to survive against mountainous odds. Aron Ralston (James Franco) has a passion for all things outdoors. But when a falling boulder traps him in a remote Utah canyon, a thrill-seeker’s adventure becomes the challenge of a lifetime. Over the next five days, Ralston embarks on a remarkable personal journey in which he relies on the memories of family and friends — as well as his own courage and ingenuity — to turn adversity into triumph!

*Directing, Slumdog Millionaire, 2008

Disc Information

**Theatrical Feature

**Feature Commentary by Director/Co-Screenwriter Danny Boyle, Producer Christian Colson and Co-Screenwriter Simon Beaufoy
**Deleted Scenes

Cast & Crew

James Franco ... Aron Ralston
Amber Tamblyn ... Megan
Kate Mara ... Kristi
Kate Burton ... Aron's Mom
Lizzy Caplan ... Sonja
Clemence Poesy ... Rana
Treat Williams


Bill Goodykoontz Arizona Republic | August 12, 2011

It's an incredible performance by Franco, walking the line between what once was enthusiasm but now is manic desperation.

Dave Calhoun Time Out | January 10, 2011

At the end, we stagger like Ralston from the dark into the light. We might have both our arms left, but our nerves are just as terrorised.

Calvin Wilson St. Louis Post-Dispatch | November 24, 2010

Boyle is such a gifted filmmaker that, in his hands, 127 Hours is genuinely -- and unsentimentally -- inspirational.

Rene Rodriguez Miami Herald | November 24, 2010

Boyle has always been an exceptionally stylish director, and, despite its limited setting, 127 Hours is a marvel of visual eye candy.

Tom Long Detroit News | November 19, 2010

Directed and co-written by Danny Boyle in a style that travels from ecstatic to nerve-wracking and back, this is a film about perseverance, strength and the importance of always letting people know where you're going.

Colin Covert Minneapolis Star Tribune | November 18, 2010

The nightmare becomes a tribute to Ralston's bravery -- without casting him as a hero. He just got tired of waiting to die and decided to live.

Moira MacDonald Seattle Times | November 18, 2010

[It] will blow you away -- for its audacity; for James Franco's performance; for the way that, by the end, it leaves you feeling connected to the strangers sitting next to you, and happier to be part of humankind.


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