28 Days Later
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  • Rated: R
  • Genre: Horror, Suspense, Sci-Fi
  • Year: 2003
English: Dolby Digital 5.1 / Spanish & French: Dolby Surround
English, French, & Spanish / Subtitled
28 Days Later
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  • Rated: R
  • Genre: Horror, Suspense, Sci-Fi
  • Year: 2003
English: DTS 5.1 HD / Spanish & French: Dolby Digital 5.1
English, French & Spanish / Subtitled


Hailed as the most frightening film since The Exorcist, acclaimed Director Danny Boyle's visionary take on zombie horror "isn't just scary…it's absolutely terrifying" (Access Hollywood).

An infirmary patient awakens from a coma to an empty room…in a vacant hospital…in a deserted city. A powerful virus, which locks victims into a permanent state of murderous rage, has transformed the world around him into a seemingly desolate wasteland. Now a handful of survivors must fight to stay alive, unaware that the worst is yet to come…

Disc Information

**Widescreen Theatrical Version
**Commentary by Director Danny Boyle and Screenwriter Alex Garland
**6 Deleted Scenes w/Optional Commentary
**4 Alternate Endings, 3 w/Optional Commentary
**Pure Rage: The Making of 28 Days Later
**Jacknife Lee Music Video
**Running Production Still gallery w/commentary by Danny Boyle
**Running Polaroid gallery with Intro by Danny Boyle
**Animated Storyboards

Cast & Crew

Cillian Murphy ... Jim
Naomie Harris ... Selena
Megan Burns ... Hannah
Brendan Gleeson ... Frank
Christopher Eccleston ... Maj. Henry West
Marvin Campbell ... Private Mailer
Sanjay Rambaruth ... Private Davis


Peter Rainer New York Magazine | August 07, 2004

It makes for a more intimate brand of horror, one we can't explain away by pretending we're watching the same old well-oiled Hollywood malarkey.

Richard Roeper Ebert & Roeper | June 30, 2003

... really creepy and really scary ...

Andrew O'Hehir Salon.com | June 28, 2003

I enjoyed watching this film, mostly because Murphy and Harris make such an appealing central couple to build a new world around. But nobody should mistake this for a killer-zombie movie with real soul.

Peter Howell Toronto Star | June 27, 2003

Director Boyle and screenwriter Alex Garland have rebounded smartly from the bloated Leonardo DiCaprio debacle that was The Beach, their previous collaboration.

Mick LaSalle San Francisco Chronicle | June 27, 2003

It has eerie images, a compelling situation and an unusual capacity to surprise.

Joe Baltake Sacramento Bee | June 27, 2003

To each his own apocalypse, so to speak, but Danny Boyle has come up with a whopper.

Roger Moore Orlando Sentinel | June 27, 2003

Derivative but horrifically effective.


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