Alien Nation
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  • Rated: R
  • Genre: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
  • Year: 1988
English: 4.0 Dolby Surround, Dolby Surround / French: Mono
English & French / Subtitled


Thought-provoking, witty and entertaining, this action-packed blend of science fiction and police drama finds Los Angeles the new home of 300,000 humanoid extraterrestrial. When a gang of these Newcomers kills a police detective's (James Cann) partner, he sets out to solve the crime with his new partner (Mandy Patinkin) - the L.A.P.D.'s first Newcomer detective. But the unlikely pair soon uncover a far more dangerous threat to society.

Disc Information

**Theatrical Trailer
**Fox Flix: ID4, Abyss, Aliens, Alien Nation, Zardoz
**Fox DVD Cross Promotional trailer

Cast & Crew

James Caan ... Detective Matthew Sykes
Mandy Patinkin ... Detective Sam Francisco "George"
Terence Stamp ... William Harcort
Kevin Howard ... Kipling
Leslie Bevis ... Cassandra
Peter Jason ... Fedorchuk
Shuko Akune ... Police Secretary

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