Amityville II: The Possession
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  • Rated: R
  • Genre: Horror, Suspense, Drama, Mystery
  • Year: 1982


Before the residence at 112 Ocean Avenue became infamous in The Amityville Horror, its supernatural legacy of terror had already begun. Inspired by a true story, this chilling prequel is a bloodcurdling, special-effects-laden encounter with all-powerful, all-consuming evil. Although the Montellis are not exactly the "perfect family," at least they've found the perfect home. And even though a liquid that looks like blood gushes from the kitchen faucet and every window has been nailed shut, it still qualifies as their dream houseuntil all hell breaks loose! A local priest tries to rid the house of unclean spirits, but what he doesn't yet suspect is that teenage son Sonny Montelli has been possessed, body and soul, by a murderous demon bent on total destruction.

Cast & Crew

Burt Young ... Anthony Montelli
Rutanya Alda ... Dolores Montelli
James Olson ... Father Adamsky
Jack Magner ... Sonny Montelli
Diane Franklin ... Patricia Montelli
Andrew Prine ... Father Tom
Leo Cimino ... Chancellor

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