Angel TV Season 3
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  • Rated: Unrated
  • Genre: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, TV DVD
  • Year: 2001
English & Spanish: 2.0 Surround


Even as Angel mourns the death of Buffy, Darla makes her way to L.A. with a mysterious new life growing within her. Now thrust into a role he never imagined, Angel needs the assistance of the Angel Investigations team more than ever. But while Cordelia, Gunn and Fred rally round the new dad, an ancient and deadly prophecy convinces Wesley to commit the ultimate betrayal.

Disc Information

Disc 1:

Disc 2:
*Commentary by Tim Minear and Jeffrey Bell (3ADH06 "Billy")

Disc 3:
*Commentary by Tim Minear and Mere Smith (3ADH09 "Lullaby")
*Deleted scenes with commentary by Tim Minear and Mere Smith (Cordy Show "Birthday") (Run Time 4:09)
*Featurette: "Darla: Deliver Us From Evil" (Run Time 12:11)
*Angel Series Outtakes (Run Time 4:30)

Disc 4:
*Commentary by Joss Whedon (3ADH13) "Waiting in the Wings"
*Deleted scenes with commentary by Joss Whedon (3ADH13 "Waiting in the Wings") (Run Time 5:00)

Disc 5:

Disc 6:
*Featurette: "Season 3 Overview" (Run Time 32:54)
*Featurette: "Page to Screen" (Run Time 13:56)
*Screen Tests: Amy Acker (2:36) and Vincent Kartheiser (1:48) (Run Time 4:24)
*Still Gallery (approx. 50 images)


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