Arrested Development Season 2
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  • Rated: Unrated
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Year: 2004
English Dolby Surround
English, Spanish, French


In this 5 time Emmy®-winning comedy's hilarious second season, Michael Bluth, once again determined to be free of his dysfunctional family, packs up the car and his son George-Michael and heads for Arizona. But he's soon pulled over by the police who tell him that his father, George Sr., has broken out of prison. Due to the company's shady business deal with Iraq, Michael could face prison time, so he returns home to clear his name even as George Sr. secretly flees to Mexico, Tobias decides to be an understudy for the Blue Man Group, and Lucille begins a torrid affair with her husband's twin brother, Oscar. Arrested Development Season 3 will begin airing this fall on FOX.

Disc Information

**All 18 Season Two episodes
**Audio Commentary on selected episodes
**Deleted/extended scenes
**“Season One in 3 minutes” overview
**Blooper reel
**Campaign videos from
**“The Immaculate Election” episode


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