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  • Rated: PG-13
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Year: 2005


Queen Latifah heads an "excellent ensemble" cast in this "warm, funny, empowering" (New York Post) comedy from the producers of Barbershop and the producer of Bringing Down the House! Co-starring Alicia Silverstone, Andie MacDowell, Alfre Woodard, Mena Suvari and Djimon Hounsou - and featuring Kevin Bacon in a hilarious performance - Beauty Shop "will slap a smile on your face and keep it there" (Premiere)! When Jorge (Bacon), the egotistical boss at a posh salon, pushes his star stylist, Gina (Latifah), a hair too far, Gina leaves and opens a beauty shop of her own. Inheriting an opinionated group of stylists, a colorful clientele and a sexy upstairs neighbor, Gina proves that you can't keep a good woman down - and you can't keep a shopful of outrageous women from speaking their minds!

Cast & Crew

Queen Latifah ... Gina Norris
Kevin Bacon ... Jorge Christophe
Laura Hayes ... Paulette
Djimon Hounsou ... Joe
Andie MacDowell ... Terri Green
Della Reese ... Mrs. Towner
Alicia Silverstone ... Lynn


Joe Leydon Variety | March 30, 2005

Feel-good entertainment that is no less enjoyable for being somewhat predictable.

Michael Wilmington Chicago Tribune | March 30, 2005

It's a bouncy, funny picture that I enjoyed -- one that mostly eludes the perils of sequelitis and spinoff-itis, a lusty comedy about the importance of looking good and getting the right scissors in the right hands.

Jennifer Frey Washington Post | March 30, 2005

Latifah is, well, Latifah playing herself -- funny, brash, smart, likable and not willing to take any garbage from anyone.

Ruthe Stein San Francisco Chronicle | March 30, 2005

Playing an eccentric beautician who changes her look everyday, the incandescent Alfre Woodard shows she's as adept at comedy as drama.

A.O. Scott New York Times | March 30, 2005

Beauty Shop extends the popular Barbershop franchise to Atlanta and provides a sassy feminine counterpart to its cozy men's-club vibe.

Steven Rea Philadelphia Inquirer | March 30, 2005

The loose, lively spirit of the performances breathes life into the cliches.

Connie Ogle Miami Herald | March 30, 2005

Has nothing new to say, but it has a lot of fun covering the same old territory.


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