Missing in Action 2: The Beginning
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  • Rated: R
  • Genre: Action
  • Year: 1985
English Mono DTS-HD Master Audio, French Mono


Chuck Norris returns as Colonel James Braddock in this intense, action-packed prequel to the original hit. Captured during a daring mid-air rescue operation, Braddock and his men are imprisoned by the insane Colonel Yin, who stops at nothing to break their spirits. For Braddock, the choice is clear. With fists, high explosives and sheer courage, he becomes an army of one!

Cast & Crew

Chuck Norris ... Col. Braddock
Soon-Teck Oh ... Col. Yin
Cosie Costa ... Mazilli
Steven Williams ... Nester
David Chung ... Dou Chou
Joe Michael Terry ... Opelka
John Wesley ... Frankie