The Blue Max
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  • Rated: Unrated
  • Genre: Drama, Adventure, War, Action
  • Year: 1966
English: Dolby Surround / Spanish & French: Mono 2.0
French & Spanish / Subtitled


The "Blue Max", a coveted medal for achievement in flying, is ruthlessly sought by Peppard, a poor-boy german soldier who climbs out of the trenches and into the aristorcratic air force. He is met with prejudice by the other contestants, wealthy snobs who look down upon his low ecomomic stature. When he claims the title, he earns the respect of the General and the General's wife, who wants to repay him in ways that the General
might not appreciate.

Disc Information

*Feature - Wide Screen
*Theatrical trailer
*Spanish trailer
*Portuguese trailer
*Cross-promotional trailers: 13 Rue Madeleine, Desert Fox, Enemy Below, Heaven Knows Mr. Allison, & Sink the Bismarck"

Cast & Crew

George Peppard ... Bruno Stachel
James Mason ... Count von Klugermann
Ursula Andress ... Countess Kaeti von Klugermann
Jeremy Kemp ... Willi von Klugermann
Karl Michael Vogler ... Heidemann
Anton Diffring ... Holbach
Loni von Friedl ... Elfi Heidemann

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