Brain Games Season 1
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Welcome to the groundbreaking series from National Geographic, where you’re invited to probe the inner workings of one of the most fascinating, intricate instruments known to science: the human brain. Through revealing experiments using sensory illusion and even magic tricks, some of the world’s leading experts help us understand how we do things like solve puzzles, recognize faces and store memories. Narrated by Emmy® winner Neil Patrick Harris**, Brain Games Season One provides a unique glimpse into the brain’s functioning, from the very simple to the immensely complex, and explains what it actually means to “use your head!”

**Guest Actor—Comedy Series, Glee, 2010. Outstanding Special Class Programs, Tony Awards, 2014, 2012, 2010 (Ricky Kirshner, Glen Weiss, Neil Patrick Harris).

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**Special Feature: How to Build a Beating Heart


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