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Blow your mind with all seven seasons of National Geographic’s most popular show! Hosted by Jason Silva, and featuring some of the world’s leading cognitive experts, this fun, Emmy®- nominated series** provides amazing insights about how our brains process information from the world around us. Through interactive games and fascinating experiments, every episode will mess with your mind and leave you wanting more. You’ll explore questions like whether or not there’s a difference between the male and female brain, why we remember some things and not others, whether some of us are actually born to be bad, and so much more. As entertaining as it is educational, Brain Games gets inside your head in the best possible way!

**Outstanding Informational Series, 2013.

Disc Information

13 disc set includes Brain Games Seasons 1-7

Bonus Features:
**Season 1 - How to Build a Beating Heart
**Season 2 - Behind the Scenes
**Season 3 – Brain Games DIY
**Season 4 – Superstition, Addiction, and Language
**Season 5 – Brain Magic Shorts & Jason Silva Riffs
**Season 6 – Jason Silva on Positive Thinking, Jason Silva on Perspective, Brain Magic: The Perspective Illusion, Jason Silva on Scams, Brain Magic: The Scam Illusion
**Season 7 – Behind the Scenes of All 6 Episodes


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