Breaker Breaker
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  • Rated: PG
  • Genre: Action, Adventure
  • Year: 2012
English: Mono
English, French, Spanish


Chuck Norris ("Walker, Texas Ranger") puts the pedal to the metal in this hard-driving action/adventure exploding with heart-pounding chases and slam-bang martial arts battles. As powerful as an 18-wheeler and as fast-moving as a lethal karate chop, Breaker! Breaker! pushes the throttle wideopen for nonstop excitement. When trucker Billy Dawes (Michael Augenstein) vanishes duringhis first solo run, his older brother, J.D. (Norris), sets out in search of answers. What J.D. finds, however, is a deadly conspiracy involving a corrupt small-town judge (George Murdock) and a ring of thieves who prey upon unsuspecting motorists. With help from a beautiful local woman (Terry O'Connor), J.D. searches for his brother and battles the criminals with his amazing karate skills, fighting all the way to an explosive final showdown that may just destroy the entire town!

Cast & Crew

James Franco
Vanessa Hudgens
Selena Gomez
Ashley Benson
Heather Morris


Jordan Hoffman Film.com | September 07, 2012

It would be easy to dismiss 'Spring Breakers.' Lord I'd like to.


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