The Butcher Chef and The Swordsman
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  • Rated: PG-13
  • Genre: Action
  • Year: 2010
Mandarin: 5.1 Dolby Digital
English SDH


Twentieth Century Fox proudly presents Fox World Cinema - a premier line of extraordinary and diverse films from around the globe. Celebrating universal entertainment that will thrill, charm and inspire us all, these highly acclaimed selections belong in every movie lover's collection.

The Butcher, the Chef and the Swordsman, the first feature from Chinese filmmaker Wuershan, was executive produced by director/producer Doug Liman, who was intrigued by Wuershan's original approach to the martial arts genre. The film recounts the journey of a mystical blade as it passes through the hands of three ambitious men and features a mix of diverse filmmaking styles, including black-and-white sequences, animation, split screen and a music video.

Disc Information

**Theatrical Trailer

Cast & Crew

Masanobu Ando ... The Mute
Kitty Zhang Yuqi ... Madam Mei
You Benchang ... Fat Tang
Liu Xiaoye ... Chopper
Ashton Xu ... Dugu Cheng
Dugu Cheng's Brother
Old Dugu
Swanson Han ... Chunge
Dong Lifan ... The House of a Thousand Flowers Manager


Andy Webster New York Times | March 18, 2011

In his embrace of American sensibilities, Wuershan seems to have mastered a Hollywood specialty: empty calories served loud, flashy and fast.

Greg Quill Toronto Star | March 17, 2011

If it's diminished by the director's feverish urge to over-achieve, this movie is clearly the kind of irreverent, multi-platform, cross-genre, otherworldly stuff Hollywood wants from China: fast, furious, big, bold and brassy.


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