Charley's Aunt
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  • Rated: Unrated
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance
  • Year: 1941
English: Mono & Stereo
English / Subtitled


Charley Wyckham and Jack Chesney pressure fellow student Fancourt Babberly to pose as Charley's Brazilian Aunt Donna Lucia. Their purpose is to have a chaperone for their amorous visits with Amy and Kitty, niece and ward of crusty Stephen Spettigue. Complications begin when Fancourt, in drag, becomes the love object of old Spettigue and Sir Francis Chesney

Disc Information

**Full Screen Feature
**Commentary with film historian Randy Skredvedt

Cast & Crew

Jack Benny ... Babbs Babberley Lord Fancourt
Kay Francis ... Donna Lucia
Anne Baxter ... Amy Spettigue
Edmund Gwenn ... Stephen Spettigue
Richard Haydn ... Charles Wyckham
Reginald Owen ... Redcliff
James Ellison ... Jack Chesney