The Comebacks UNRATED Version
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  • Rated: Unrated
  • Genre: Comedy, Sports
  • Year: 2007
English: Dolby Digital 5.1 / Spanish: Dolby Surround
English & Spanish / Subtitled


The producers of Wedding Crashers score huge laughs with the Unrated Edition of The Comebacks, including more ballsy added footage you couldn't see in theaters, plus an all-star lineup of outrageous special features!

You'll laugh till you punt watching this hilarious spoof comedy that tackles the most memorable scenes from your favorite sports movies. It's the story of Lambeau Fields (David Koechner), an out-of-luck coach trying to lead a ragtag team of fumbling footballers to victory before his long-suffering wife (Melora Hardin) leaves him and his sexy gymnast daughter (Brooke Nevin) gets bent out of shape!

Disc Information

*Unrated Widescreen Film

**Forced Trailers: Simpsons, Die Hard 4, Bachelor Party 2
**Commentary by TBD
**All-Star Cameos
**Jizminder Song
**Timeout David
**Booty Shake Off
**Trotter Cam
**Andy Dick Out-Takes
**Barbershop Out-Takes

**13 Deleted Scenes: Standford, Alt- No Bartman, Draft Refugees, Locker Room Dance, Belly Dance, Gameday Derrick and Ipod, Doors Locks and Drill, Long Bomb, Marshall, Jizzminders Parents

**Trailers: Fantasic Four 2, Drumeline Extended Edition

Cast & Crew

David Koechner ... Coach Lambeau Fields
Carl Weathers ... Freddie Wiseman
Melora Hardin ... Barb Fields
Matthew Lawrence ... Lance Truman
Brooke Nevin ... Michelle Fields
Nick Searcy ... Mr. Truman
George Back ... Buddy Boy


Wesley Morris Boston Globe | October 20, 2007

As dumb spoofs go, The Comebacks isn't bad. It takes almost every sports movie of the last five years (Field of Dreams, too) and blends them into a single slapdash comedy.


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