Frequently Asked Questions

 Q. How can I find out more information about Fox at Comic Con?

  A. Call 888-223-4369 or email You can call for Panel schedules, signing schedules, Comic-Con exclusive product inquiries or if you just have a question / feedback!

 Q. May I use cash and/or check to make purchases at the Fox booth?

 A.  You may use credit, debit, or prepaid cards with a VISA, MC, or Amex affiliation. Due to variances in bank cards issued oversees; we may not be able to guarantee approvals on purchases.

 Q. Can I return my product at Comic-Con after I have made a purchase on-site?

A. Product purchased at Comic-Con is not returnable. However, should you find a quality issue with the item purchased, please bring the item back to the Fox Booth - with your receipt - and we will exchange that product with a new one. You may also call Customer Care at 888-223-4369, after Comic-Con, to arrange a replacement.

 Q. When will my card be charged for product I purchase on site?

 A. If you purchase physical product at the Fox Booth, your transaction will be processed that day and your receipt will show a single confirmation number.

 Q. Will my card be charged a “Validation Fee” for Pre-Orders?

 A. No. For any Fox product that is being pre-ordered at special, Comic Con Pricing, no “Validation Fees” or “Holds” will be placed on your card or deducted from its balance, if a prepaid card.

 Q. When will my card be charged for pre-orders?

A. If you place a pre-order for any product at special, Comic-Con pricing, your card will be charged at the time your order ships, not before, and for the items shipped. Should Fox attempt to process your charge and the transaction is declined, we will contact you directly to ensure there is no interruption in delivery of your pre-ordered item(s).

Q. Is there is a shipping / handling per item cost?

 A. If you purchase an item at Comic-Con or on, your complete order - up to ten items - will not be charged a shipping / handling fee. 

Q. Can my product be shipped overseas? 

A. We ship to any of the 48 lower states, Hawaii and Alaska. We cannot ship orders overseas. 

Q. Is there a limit to the # of items I can pre order?

A. To ensure that everyone at Comic-Con gets the opportunity to take advantage of our special event pricing, you may order up to 3 of each individual title per person, on a single credit / debit card.

Q. Can I cancel my pre-order during or after Comic-Con, but before I receive any product?

A.Yes - if you would like to cancel your order while still at Comic-Con, you may return to the Fox booth with your confirmation page and do so. If you would like to cancel your pre-order after Comic-Con, you may contact Fox Customer Care at 1-888-223-4369 and they will assist you. No Charge will be made to your card until your product is shipped