Dances with Wolves
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  • Rated: PG-13
  • Genre: Drama, Adventure, Western
  • Year: 1990
English Dolby Digital 5.1, French Dolby Surround 2.0
English SDH, Spanish
Dances with Wolves 25th Anniversary
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  • Rated: PG-13
  • Genre: Drama, Adventure, Western
  • Year: 1990
English DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1, English Dolby Surround
English SDH, Spanish, French


Celebrating the 25th anniversary of this triumphant masterpiece, Kevin Costner stars in and directs this ACADEMY AWARD® winning* modern classic. Sent to protect a U.S. outpost on the desolate American frontier, Lt. Dunbar (Costner) befriends a tribe of Sioux Indians. What follows is a series of unforgettable moments – from Dunbar’s tender scenes with Stands With A Fist (Mary McDonnell) to the thrilling, action-packed buffalo hunt. Experience the excitement, emotion and sweeping beauty of this cinematic treasure!

*1990: Cinematography, Film Editing, Original Score, Sound, Adapted Screenplay, Directing, Best Picture.

Disc Information

**Theatrical Feature

Cast & Crew

Kevin Costner ... Lt. John Dunbar
Mary McDonnell ... Stands With a Fist
Graham Greene (II) ... Kicking Bird
Rodney A. Grant ... Wind in His Hair
Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman ... Chief Ten Bears
Tantoo Cardinal ... Black Shawl
Robert Pastorelli ... Timmons


Desmond Ryan Philadelphia Inquirer | January 13, 2014

This collective array of talent has yielded a western that is at once original and traditional. Dances With Wolves looks back to the masterworks of the past and, with its relevance to our present, it deserves to be ranked with them.

Jay Boyar Orlando Sentinel | January 13, 2014

A slow-moving but well-acted western.

Sheila Benson Los Angeles Times | February 22, 2013

Dances With Wolves is a clear-eyed vision. Authentic as an Edward Curtis photograph, lyrical as a George Catlin oil or a Karl Bodmer landscape, this is a film with a pure ring to it.

Peter Travers Rolling Stone | February 22, 2013

Costner tells a personal story that never loses touch with the vast Western spaces encompassing and defining it. Dances With Wolves is an epic that breathes. And it's a beauty.

Richard Schickel TIME Magazine | February 20, 2009

As a director, Costner is alive to the sweep of the country and the expansive spirit of the western-movie tradition.

Amy Dawes Variety | January 28, 2008

In his directorial debut, Kevin Costner brings a rare degree of grace and feeling to this elegiac tale.

Geoff Andrew Time Out | January 26, 2006

Once you're sucked into the leisurely narrative, it's hard to resist.


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