Empire: The Complete Third Season
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  • Genre: TV DVD
  • Year: 2016
English Dolby Digital 5.1
English SDH


Empire returns for a third season, with its hottest music and most tantalizing storylines yet. While Lucious (OSCAR® Nominee Terrence Howard*) launches Empire's music streaming division, his half-brother Tariq launches a murder investigation of Lucious. And as Cookie's (Golden Globe® winner Taraji P. Henson**) romance with Angelo Dubois heats up, so does Angelo's campaign for mayor. The Lyon brothers face troubles from the past: Andre still sees Rhonda's ghost, Jamal wrestles with a pill addiction, and Hakeem's attempts to find love are interrupted by a surprising family rival. All the while, the battle to control Empire pulses on in one of television's sexiest, most suspenseful shows ever.

*Howard: Actor – Hustle & Flow, 2005. **Actress – Dramatic Series, Empire, 2015.

Disc Information

Disc 1:
**Light in Darkness
**Sin That Amends
**What Remains Is Bestial

Disc 2:
**Cupid Kills
**One Before Another
**Chimes at Midnight
**What We May Be

Special Feature:
**Uncut Music Performances

Disc 3:
**Unkindest Cut
**A Furnace for Your Foe
**Sound and Fury
**Play On

Disc 4:
**Strange Bedfellows
**My Naked Villainy
**Love Is a Smoke
**Civil Hands Unclean

Special Feature:
**Uncut Music Performances

Disc 5:
**Absent Child
**Toil and Trouble, Part I
**Toil and Trouble, Part II

Special Feature:
**Studio Sessions


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