Fame Season 2
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  • Rated: Unrated
  • Genre: TV DVD
English: Mono
English / Subtitled


Fame Season Two includes 22 episodes of the Emmy® and Golden Globe ® award-winning original TV series. As they navigate the uncertain waters of youth, competition and increased pressure, the students find themselves reaching for ambitious heights! With the show’s thrilling trademark songs and dance numbers, and an even more seasoned cast, FAME provides nonstop exhilaration!

Disc Information

Disc 1:

**And the Winner Is
**Your Own Song
**Class Act

Disc 2:

**Solo Song
**Childhood's End

Disc 3:

**A Tough Act to Follow
**Star Quality
**Sunshine Again

Disc 4:

**Love is the Question
**Blood, Sweat and Circuits
**Friendship Day
**Not in Kansas Anymore
**Help from My Friends

Disc 5:

**Ending on a High Note
**U.N. Week

**Featurette Fame: Then and Now


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