Family Guy Freakin' Party Pack
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Don't die laughing. We could get sued. Fox Home Entertainment presents the quintessential collection for any "Family Guy." Beginning in 1999, cancelled in 2003 and revived in less than two years later following an outcry from fans, "Family Guy" has become a pop-culture phenomenon, ranking number 12 on TV Guide’s list of "Top 25 Cult Shows Ever!" Now audiences can relive every offensive and outrageous moment from the past eight years including all of Peter's adventures at the Drunken Clam, Brian's foray into the adult film industry to Stewie's plots for world domination and more. The "Family Guy" Freakin' Party Pack features over 90 episodes from the "Family Guy" Volume 1-5 collections with hours of bonus material on 18 discs, including the straight-to-DVD feature Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story and a bonus material disc with deleted scenes, interviews and featurettes not currently available on any other DVD. The party continues with a "Family Guy" themed ping-pong set including paddles, a net and balls and 100 themed poker chips with two sets of playing cards, all in a collectible carrying case.


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