Family Guy Volume 1
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  • Rated: Unrated
  • Genre: Comedy, Animated, TV DVD
English & Spanish: Dolby Surround / French: Stereo
French & Spanish / Subtitled


Meet the Griffins: Peter, the big, lovable oaf who always says what’s on his mind. Lois, the doting mother who can’t figure out why her baby son keeps trying to kill her. Their daughter Meg, the teen drama queen who’s constantly embarrassed by her family. Chris, the beefy 13-year-old who wouldn’t hurt a fly, unless it landed on his hot dog. Stewie, the maniacal one-year-old bent on world domination. And Brian, the sarcastic dog with a wit as dry as the martinis he drinks. The animated adventures of his outrageous family will have your whole family laughing out loud.

Disc Information

Disc 1:

**Death Has a Shadow
**I Never Met the Dead Man
**Chitty Chitty Death Bang
**Mind Over Murder
**A Hero Sits Next Door
**The Son Also Draws
**Brian: Portrait of a Dog

Disc 2:

**Peter, Peter, Caviar Eater
**Holy Crap
**Brian in Love
**Love Thy Trophy
**Death is a Bitch
**The King is Dead

Disc 3:

**I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar
**If I’m Dyin’, I’m Lyin’
**Running Mates
**A Picture is Worth 1,000 Bucks
**Fifteen Minutes of Shame
**Road to Rhode Island
**Let’s Go to the Hop

Disc 4:

**Dammit Janet!
**There’s Something About Paulie
**He’s Too Sexy for His Fat
**E. Peterbus Unum
**The Story on Page 1
**Wasted Talent
**Fore, Father


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