The Frank Sinatra Film Collection
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English: Stereo, Spanish: Stereo, French: Stereo
English, Spanish


Singer. Actor. Superstar. Legend. ACADEMY AWARD® Winner Frank Sinatra,* known to his legions of fans as “ol’ blue eyes,” remains a true Hollywood icon. Available together for the first time in this collectible DVD set are ten signature films, spanning the heart of Sinatra’s acting career. From a toe-tapping musical to gripping dramas to thrilling action-adventures, these movies capture the phenomenal range and talent of this acclaimed performer.

* Supporting Actor, From Here to Eternity, 1953; Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award, 1970; Special Award, The House I Live In, 1945.

Disc Information

Disc 1: The Pride and the Passion
Disc 2: Kings Go Forth
Disc 3: A Hole in the Head
Disc 4: Can-Can
Disc 5: The Manchurian Candidate
Disc 6: Von Ryan’s Express
Disc 7: Cast a Giant Shadow
Disc 8: Tony Rome
Disc 9: The Detective
Disc 10: Lady in Cement


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