Garfield's Funfest
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  • Rated: Unrated
  • Genre: Family, Animated, Children
  • Year: 2008
English: Dolby Surround 5.1
English, French, & Spanish / Subtitled


Welcome to FunFest – the annual talent competition for the funniest comic strip in Cartoon World. As you can probably guess, a certain lasagna-loving, tubby tabby wins it every year. So why should this year be any different? Well, there’s a new contender, that’s why. His name is Ramone, and he’s tall, he’s handsome, and he just might unseat Garfield as king of the comic strip! Don't miss a single hilarious moment as the world’s most comical fat cat competes – and eats – his way through his latest adventure. Let the Garfield games begin!

Disc Information

**Forced Trailers: Garfields Pet Force, Dr. Dollittle:A Tinsel Town Tail, Angel Wars: Guardian Force, Nim’s Island

**DVD ROM Games:
*Hang Glider
*Tango Toss

**Trailer Farm: Horton Hears A Who

Cast & Crew

Frank Welker ... Garfield

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