Glee: The Complete Fourth Season
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  • Genre: TV DVD
  • Year: 2012
English Dolby Digital 5.1
English SDH, French, Spanish


Season 4 of the exhilarating Emmy®-winning series* finds Rachel and Kurt in New York City, Finn with a surprising new career, Will and Emma at a crossroads and Sue confronting a shocking situation! Meanwhile, tension mounts as the kids in New Directions head for Regionals, facing new challenges. Featuring exciting new cast members, electrifying musical numbers, and superstar guests like Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Hudson and Whoopi Goldberg, Glee remains TV’s most enthralling, most topically relevant show.

*2011: Casting, Comedy Series; Guest Actress, Comedy Series (Gwyneth Paltrow). 2010: Directing, Comedy Series (Ryan Murphy); Guest Actor, Comedy Series (Neil Patrick Harris); Supporting Actress, Comedy Series (Jane Lynch); Sound Mixing, One-Hour Comedy Series.

Disc Information

Disc 1:

**New Rachel, The
**Britney 2.0
**Break-Up, The

**Glee Music Jukebox
**Deleted Scenes
**Movin' On Up: Glee in NYC
**Building New York

Disc 2:

**Role You Were Born to Play, The
**Dynamic Duets

**Glee Music Jukebox

Disc 3:

**Swan Song
**Glee, Actually
**Sadie Hawkins

**Glee Music Jukebox
**Deleted Scenes

Disc 4:

**I Do
**Girls (and Boys) On Film

**Glee Music Jukebox
**Glee on Film
**The Road to 500

Disc 5:

**Guilty Pleasures
**Shooting Star
**Sweet Dreams
**Lights Out

**Glee Music Jukebox

Disc 6:

**All or Nothing

**Glee Music Jukebox
**Blaine's Time Capsule
**Glee Premiere Party!


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