The Good Girl
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  • Rated: R
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama
  • Year: 2002
English: 5.1 Surround, Spanish: Dolby Surround
English & Spanish Subtitled


Jennifer Aniston turns in "a fantastic performance" (Us Weekly) in this quirky comedy about first encounters and second chances. Thirty-year-old Justine Last (Aniston) longs for a life more fulfilling than the one she leads with her boring husband (John C. Reilly) and dead-end job a the Retail Rodeo. But when a passionate young co-worker (Jake Gyllenhaal) catches her eye and steals her heart, Justine's good-girl existences takes a turn for the worse- with unexpected and comical results.

Disc Information

Side 1:
*Widescreen Feature
*Commentary by Director Miguel Arteta, writer Mike White and Jennifer Aniston
*9 Deleted Scenes with optional commentary
*Alternate Ending

Side 2:
*Full Screen Feature
*Commentary by Director Miguel Arteta, writer Mike White and Jennifer Aniston

Cast & Crew

Jennifer Aniston ... Justine Last
Jake Gyllenhaal ... Tom 'Holden' Worther
John C. Reilly ... Phil Last
Tim Blake Nelson ... Bubba
Zooey Deschanel ... Cheryl
Mike White ... Corny
Deborah Rush ... Gwen Jackson


David Rooney Variety | March 31, 2009

A warmly satisfying comedy about dissatisfied people seeking to escape from the personal prison of their mundane lives in soulless suburbia.

Jeff Strickler Minneapolis Star Tribune | November 06, 2002

Once fans recover from the shock, they'll discover that this sitcom actress has the chops to tackle some pretty heavy stuff.

Joe Baltake Sacramento Bee | August 23, 2002

A sad, superior human comedy played out on the back roads of life.

Jay Boyar Orlando Sentinel | August 22, 2002

It's soulful and unslick, and that's apparently just what [Aniston] has always needed to grow into a movie career.

Duane Byrge Hollywood Reporter | August 21, 2002

An absorbing, slice-of-depression life that touches nerves and rings true.

Peter Howell Toronto Star | August 21, 2002

It's a more believable scenario for infidelity than most such movies, and Aniston gives her all to the role.

James Berardinelli ReelViews | August 20, 2002

An effective portrait of a life in stasis -- of the power of inertia to arrest development in a dead-end existence.


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