Goosebumps: Return of the Mummy
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  • Rated: Unrated
  • Genre: Children, Horror
English: Dolby Surround, SDH / French & Spanish: Stereo
English & French / Subtitled


Return Of the Mummy:
Gabe visits his archaeologist uncle in Egypt just in time to watch him unearth the tomb of a great prince – which might be exciting if disturbed mummies didn’t seek revenge on whoever wakes them from the dead!

Don’t Wake Mummy:
Jeff Carter doesn’t really want to hug the 4,000-year-old mummy he received from his daddy, especially when the vengeful ragman rises from its sarcophagus!

You Can’t Scare Me!:
Frustrated friends Eddie and Hat decide to scare a show-off pal with Mud Monsters at Muddy Creek. But their dirty deed backfires!

Disc Information

**Return of the Mummy
**Don't Wake the Mummy
**You Can't Scare Me

**Forced Trailers: Goosebumps Wave 6 TV Spot, Goosebumps Trailer from Scholastic, Goosebumps Trailer from Scholastic (book), Garfield's Pet Force


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