Goosebumps: Scary House
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  • Rated: Unrated
  • Genre: Children
English: Stereo


The House of No Return:
Chris Wakely is new kid in town and the perfect candidate for The Danger Club, a club for brave people. But to become a member, Chris has to spend an entire hour alone in the Willow Hill House, the spookiest, most haunted house in the neighborhood! Chris won't be totally alone, however; the evil ghosts will keep him company. In fact, they like Chris so much, they may want him to stay with them …forever!

The Haunted House Game:
When Nadine Platt and her friend, Jonathan Hall, find a box for "The Haunted House Game" in the closet of a big, creepy old house, they soon realize that it's not just another Monopoly. Nadine and Jonathan open the box and suddenly find themselves inside the game – surrounded by hideous-looking ghouls, terrifying ghosts, and eerie voices. But will they ever find their way out…

Disc Information

*Strawberry Shortcake Consumer Trailer - 0:60
*Roach Approach Trailer - 0:60
*The Entire World of Garfield Trailer - 0:47
*Feature - 44:00


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