Grandma's Boy Unrated
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  • Rated: R
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Year: 2006
English: Dolby Surround 5.1 / Spanish & French: Dolby Surround (will have English inserts for new footage in unrated version)
English, Spanish, & French / Subtitled


Gamers, grannies and stoners unite! From Adam Sandler's Happy Madison Productions comes a raucously funny, "fish-out-of bongwater comedy" (Playboy) that'll have you rolling with laughter! Life is sweet for 35-year-old video game tester Alex (Allen Covert), until he's forced to move in with his overbearing grandmother Lilly (Doris Roberts) and her two roommates: oversexed Grace (Shirley Jones) and overmedicated Bea (Shirley Knight). To save face with his much younger co-workers and super-sexy new boss (Linda Cardellini), Alex brags about the "three hot babes" living with him, but soon that cat's out of the bag and the real party at Grandma's house has just begun! If you love footie pajamas, techno-talk and karate-chopping chimps (and who doesn't?), grab your buds and watch Grandma's Boy!

Disc Information

*Widescreen Theatrical Version Seamlessy Branched
*Widescreen Unrated Feature Seamlessly Branched
*Feature commentary by director Nick Goossen and actors Allen Covert, Nick Swardson, & Peter Dante
*Laura Gets Lucky
*Monkey Business
*Gag Reel
*April Fools
*Inside Look: "Omen 666"
*Deleted Scenes
*Fox Movie Channel presents: Casting Session
*The Making of the Music Video
*Music Video: "Another Day" by the Twenty Twos
*Red Band trailer
*Anti-Piracy trailer

Cast & Crew

Linda Cardellini ... Samantha
Allen Covert ... Alex
Peter Dante ... Dante
Shirley Jones ... Grace
Shirley Knight ... Bea
Joel Moore ... J.P.
Kevin Nealon ... Mr. Cheezle


A.O. Scott New York Times | January 07, 2006

This vulgar stoner comedy about an underachieving, over-age video-game tester cheerfully invites the audience to descend to a level where no joke is too silly or raunchy.


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