Hello Kitty 5 Collection
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Hello Kitty Goes to the Movies:
Lights! Camera! Action! Get ready for big-screen fun with Hello Kitty and her friends!

Hello Kitty Saves the Day:
Journey to magical lands full of adventure as Hello Kitty and her friends save the day!

Hello Kitty Becomes a Princess:
Curl up with Kitty's collection of happily-ever-after stories!

Hello Kitty Tells Fairy Tales:
Have fun with these furry tales in five exciting Hello Kitty storybook adventures!

Hello Kitty Plays Pretend:
Join Hello Kitty as she and her friends find themselves in some hilarious and fun-tastical adventures!

Disc Information

Disc 1: Hello Kitty Goes to the Movies

*K.T. — The Kitty Terrestrial
*The Wizard of Paws,
*Kitty and the Kong,
*Cat Wars
*Paws—the Great White Dog-Shark

Disc 2: Hello Kitty Saves the Day

**Peter Penguin
**Tar-Sam of the Jungle
**Paws of the Round Table
**Crocodile Penguin
**Grinder Genie and the Magic Lamp

Disc 3: Hello Kitty Becomes a Princess

**Kitty Locks and the Three Bears
**Sleeping Kitty
**Kitty and the Beast
**Snow White Kitty and the One Dwarf

Disc 4: Hello Kitty Tells Fairy Tales

**Robin Penquin
**Hello Mother Goose
**The Ugly Quackling
**Pinocchio Penguin
**Little Red Bunny Hood

Disc 5: Hello Kitty Plays Pretend

**The Phantom of the Theater
**The Pawed Piper


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