Hello Kitty: Becomes a Princess
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  • Rated: Unrated
  • Genre: Children, Animated
  • Year: 2002


Fall under the spell of Hello Kitty® in these happily-ever-after tales!

"Cinderkitty": Poor little Cinderkitty is always up to her whiskers in chores. But with the help of her Fairy Catmother (Grandma Kitty), she'll find fun, adventure Ä– and true love Ä– all before the stroke of midnight!

"Kitty Locks and the Three Bears": She's cute, she's cuddlyÄ…and she's just been caught sleeping in someone else's bed! It sounds like trouble, but no one can outwit Kitty Locks Ä– not even three very hungry bears!

"Sleeping Kitty": Hello Kitty falls fast asleep when the mean witch Fangora puts a curse on her. Now it's up to Prince Tuxedo Sam to work some magic and wake the sleeping beauty.

"Kitty and the Beast": Abracadabra! Witch Fangora has turned Prince Sam into a ghastly beast! Now it looks like he'll never be happy againÄ…until he begins a furry-tale romance with the sweet and lovable Hello Kitty.

"Snow White Kitty and the One Dwarf": Evil Queen Catnip sends Hunter Chip to banish Snow White Kitty to the forest for being pretty. There she befriends Dwarf Grinder, who saves her from Catnip's next attack!

Cast & Crew

Tara Charendoff
Cree Summer
Greg Morton
Sean Roberge
Noam Zylberman
Carl Banas
Elizabeth Hanna

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