Hello Kitty: Tells Fairy Tales
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  • Rated: Unrated
  • Genre: Children, Animated
  • Year: 1987


Join Hello Kitty® and her friends in five exciting storybook adventures!

"Robin Penguin": Once upon a meow in the forest of Knotty-Pine, Sheriff Grinder tries to steal everybody's bubblegumÄ…until Lady Kitty and her merry friend Robin Penguin team up to foil his sugarcoated plans!

"Hello Mother Goose": Grinder Piper has misplaced his pickled peppers, and Catnip McMuffet hasn't seen her tuffet all morning! Can Hello Mother Goose solve the mystery and help everyone live happily ever after?

"The Ugly Quackling": Mamma Quackling (Fangora) has just hatched four new eggs. But one of her tiny darlings (Chip) doesn't fit in. Will this odd little bird learn to be like the othersÄ…or discover something much more exciting?

"Pinocchio Penguin": Lonely toymaker Grandpappetto Kitty never has anyone to play withÄ…until Hello Fairy arrives and transforms his favorite puppet into a real, live penguin!

"Little Red Bunny Hood ": Little Red Bunny Hood gallops into a whole heap of trouble when she travels to the Wild West to visit GrandmaÄ…and runs straight into Outlaw Belle Catnip and the Big, Bad Wolf Grinder!

Cast & Crew

Tara Charendoff
Cree Summer
Greg Morton
Sean Roberge
Noam Zylberman
Denise Pidgeon
Marion Bennett

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