I Think I Love My Wife
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  • Rated: R
  • Genre: Comedy, TV DVD
  • Year: 2007
English: Dolby Digital 5.1 / Spanish & French: Dolby Surround 2.0
English, French & Spanish / Subtitled


A married man (Chris Rock) who daydreams about being with other women finds his will and morals tested after he's visited by the ex-mistress of his old friend. A funny and thought provoking look about the joy and pain of marriage and relationships.

Disc Information

Disc 1 Side A:
**Full Screen Feature
**Commentary by Chris Rock
**Deleted Scenes
**Bloopers/Outtakes Reel

Disc 1 Side B:
**Widescreen Feature
**Commentary by Chris Rock
**WHAT'S A MAN TO DO featurette
**FX Movie Channel Premiere
**FX Movie Channel Casting Session
**I Don't KnowWhy (I Love You) Music Video by The Brand New Heavies

Cast & Crew

Chris Rock ... Richard Cooper
Kerry Washington ... Nikki Tru
Gina Torres ... Brenda Cooper
Steve Buscemi ... George
Edward Herrmann ... Mr. Landis
Welker White ... Mary
Samantha Ivers ... Tracy


Jonathan F. Richards Film.com | March 26, 2007

Rock's version is funnier, blacker, hipper, and sexier, but Rohmer's shows a little more skin.

Stephanie Zacharek Salon.com | March 16, 2007

I Think I Love My Wife is first and foremost a sex comedy. But Rock is sharp enough to set it in a world where people of all races share the same dreams and desires -- if not the same real estate.

Ruthe Stein San Francisco Chronicle | March 16, 2007

As uneven as I Think I Love My Wife often is, it still has an emotional resonance lacking in most films about relationships. By dealing with temptation in even a quasi-realistic way, it affirms that, like comedy, monogamy is hard.

Tom Long Detroit News | March 16, 2007

All good stuff. Rock delivers some laugh-out-loud lines, Washington is sexy and dangerous, Torres makes her character something more than a frigid harpy, and the workplace scenes are well-played.

Richard Roeper Chicago Sun-Times | March 16, 2007

Rock finally provides hope he will develop into a genuine force on the big screen. The script is sharp and quick, and Rock's direction is sure-handed and occasionally inspired. He gives us a workday New York that feels real.


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