Kiss Them for Me
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  • Rated: Unrated
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance, War
  • Year: 1957
English & Spanish: Stereo
Spanish / Subtitled


In this light-hearted wartime comedy, three WWII Navy men orchestrate a 4-day leave for themselves in San Francisco. Once ashore, they immediately set out to make it a swinging celebration - to last as long as possible! Chief among the party-bound is Commander Andy Crewson (Cary Grant). Desperate to keep the men on the straight and narrow, Lieutenant Walter Wallace (Werner Klemperer) commits the trio to becoming spokesman at a local shipyard that's owned by a local tycoon. But before long, the rowdy Crewson is courting the shipmaker's voluptuous daughter (Jayne Mansfield) with hilarious results.

Disc Information

*Menus: Brain Soup
*Theatrical Trailer
*Still Gallery

Cast & Crew

Cary Grant ... Comm. Andy Crewson
Suzy Parker ... Gwinneth Livingston
Jayne Mansfield ... Alice Kratzner
Leif Erickson ... Eddie Turnbill
Ray Walston ... Lieutenant J.G. McCann
Larry Blyden ... Mississip
Nathaniel Frey ... C.P.O. Ruddle