La Cage Aux Folles
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  • Rated: R
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Year: 1986


One of "the most successful foreign films ever shown in the U.S." (The Wall Street Journal),this "wildly hilarious" (Independent Film Journal) French farce is "giddy, unpretentious andan entirely lovable film" (Time)! When young Laurent returns to exotic St. Tropez, he bears big news for his beloved father, Renato. Laurent has found the girl of his dreams and they are engaged! What's more, she and her family are on their way over for dinner at Renato's home to meet the in-laws-to-be. This traditional meeting of families seems typical, but because this ultraconservative family will be expecting to meet Renato and wife, they'll never be prepared for the shock of meeting Renato and his flamboyant, campy, outrageous loverand dragqueenAlbin! So in agreat effort to please his son, Renato asks Albin for the performance of a lifetime'setting up an unforgettable evening that is charged and ready to detonate an explosion of zaniness and absurdity.

Cast & Crew

Michel Serrault ... Albin Mougeotte
Ugo Tognazzi ... Renato Baldi
Michel Galabru ... Simon Charrier
Antonella Interlenghi ... Cindy
Saverio Vallone ... Mortimer
Benny Luke ... Jacob
Stephane Audran ... Matrimonia

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