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  • Rated: PG-13
  • Genre: Action
  • Year: 2011
English: 5.1 Dolby Digital / French: Dolby Surround
English & French / Subtitled
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  • Rated: Unrated
  • Genre: Action
  • Year: 2011
English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1, French Dolby Digital 5.1
English SDH, Spanish, French


Bradley Cooper (The A-Team) and two-time Academy-Award® winner Robert De Niro, star in this provocative and action-packed thriller with unlimited surprising twists. Eddie Morra (Cooper), a burnt-out writer, discovers a top-secret pill that unlocks 100% of his brain’s capacity. He instantly acquires mind-bending talents and mesmerizing visions that bring him big money, beautiful women and limitless success. But his dream life soon becomes a waking nightmare, as the drug’s brutal side effects take their toll and Eddie finds himself entangled with a cunning Wall Street power broker (DeNiro) who wants everything Eddie has… and more.

Disc Information

**Theatrical Feature
**Unrated Extended Cut

**Audio Commentary with Director Neil Burger
**A Man Without Limits
**Alternate Ending
**Theatrical Trailer

Cast & Crew

Bradley Cooper ... Eddie Morra
Robert De Niro ... Carl Van Loon
Abbie Cornish ... Lindy
Anna Friel ... Melissa
Andrew Howard ... Gennady
Tomas Arana ... Man in Tan Coat
Johnny Whitworth ... Vernon


Christy Lemire Associated Press | March 24, 2011

You could pick the script apart for impossibilities. But why bother? It's much more enjoyable to shut your brain off and have a good time.

Rick Groen Globe and Mail | March 18, 2011

Add it all up, including the nifty twist at the end, and what we have here is a fun Hollywood flick with a good head on its shoulders.

Tom Long Detroit News | March 18, 2011

Limitless is limited, but intriguing nonetheless.

Tom Charity CNN.com | March 18, 2011

Limitless may not be as brainy as it would like to think it is, but it's a relatively sharp and surprisingly playful head-trip, a satisfyingly novel twist on mindless entertainment.

Stephen Whitty Newark Star-Ledger | March 18, 2011

If you want a movie with a sermon, well, look somewhere else. But if you want an adrenaline shot to the heart, look here.

Richard Roeper Richard Roeper.com | March 18, 2011

Occasionally skirts greatness and is definitely worth your time. But it could have been much more.

Peter Travers Rolling Stone | March 18, 2011

Limitless hits you like an adrenaline rush that will have you saying, "I'll have what he's having."


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