M*A*S*H TV Season 1
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  • Rated: Unrated
  • Genre: Comedy, War, Drama, TV DVD
  • Year: 1972
English & French: Mono (English without laugh track)
English, Spanish, & French / Subtitled


Korea, 1950. They were a MASH (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital) unit stationed three miles from the front. Incoming helicopters full of wounded brought the horrors of war to them daily and sometimes bullets flew right outside the operating room door. Occasional hilarity and constant hijinks were all that kept them sane.

Loosely based on real-life MASH unit 8055, life at the 4077 revolved around the day-to-day routines of Captain "Hawkeye" Pierce, Captain "Trapper" McIntyre, Lieutenant Colonel Henry Blake, Major Margaret Houlihan, Major Franklin Burns and Corporal "Radar" O'Reilly. Through these characters, viewers traveled beyond the long hours and the horrors of the operating room to a place where friendships were forged, laughter was found and drinks were served.

Disc Information

Disk 1:
M*A*S*H - The Pilot
To Market, To Market
Requiem For A Lightweight
Chief Surgeon Who?
The Moose
Yankee Doodle Doctor
Bananas, Crackers and Nuts

Disk 2:
Henry, Please Come Home
I Hate A Mystery
Germ Warfare
Dear Dad
Love Story
The Ringbanger

Disk 3:
Sometimes You Hear The Bullet
Dear Dad...Again
The Longjohn Flap
The Army-Navy Game
Sticky Wicket
Major Fred C. Dobbs
Cease Fire


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