M*A*S*H TV Season 10
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  • Rated: Unrated
  • Genre: Comedy, War, Drama, TV DVD
English: Mono (Has Option of being viewed with or with out laugh track) / Spanish & French: Mono
French & Spanish / Subtitled


Relive your favorite M*A*S*H moments with this three-disc DVD Collector's Edition containing all 21 classic Season Ten episodes!

They were the 4077 MASH (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital) unit stationed three miles from the front during the Korean War. As the war drags on, it begins to take a toll on the docs and nurses who, day after day, fight to save the incoming wounded helicoptered in directly from the front lines. But as much as the gang of the 4077 cared for the wounded soldiers, they also cared about each other. And that camaraderie, coupled with a liberal dose of hijinks and hilarity, served to make their tour of duty in Korea an experience none of them would ever forget.

Disc Information

Disk 1:
That's Show Biz
Identity Crisis
Rumor at the Top
Give 'em Hell, Hawkeye
Wheelers and Dealers
Communication Breakdown
Snap Judgment

Disk 2:
Snappier Judgment
Twas the Day after Christmas
Follies of the Living - Concerns of the Dead
The Birthday Girls
Blood and Guts
A Holy Mess
The Tooth Shall Set You Free

Disk 3:
Pressure Points
Where There's a Will, There's a War
Promotion Commotion
Sons and Bowlers
Picture This
That Darn Kid


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