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  • Rated: Unrated
English, Spanish, French: Dolby Surround


From the mind of Chris Carter, the multi-award-winning creator of The X-Files, comes MILLENNIUM. Lance Henriksen (Aliens) stars as Frank Black, a former FBI serial profiler who can “see” the world through the eyes of the killers he hunts. This uncanny ability – vivid flashes of insight into the murderers’ motivations – helps him solve crimes of unspeakable violence. A loving husband and father to a young daughter, Black struggles to protect his family from the malevolence and overcome the darkness of the criminal soul.

Disc Information

Bonus Features:
Season 1:
Disc 1:
**Millenium Season 1 Episodes (Disc 1)
*Pilot with Commentary by Creator/Writer/Executive Producer Chris Carter
*Gehenna with Commentary by Director David Nutter
*Dead Letters

Disc 2:
**Millenium Season 1 episodes (Disc 2)
*Kingdom Come
*Blood Relatives

Disc 3:
**Millenium Season 1 episodes (Disc 3)
**Wide Open
*The Wild and the Innocent
*Loin Like a Hunting Flame

Disc 4:
**Millenium Season 1 episodes (Disc 4)
*Force Majeure
*The Thin White Line

Disc 5:
**Millenium Season 1 episodes (Disc 5)
*Powers, Principalities, Thrones and Dominions
*Broken World

Disc 6:
**Millenium Season 1 episodes (Disc 6)
*Paper Dove

Season 2:
Disc 7:
**Millenium Season 2 episodes (Disc 1)
*The Beginning and the End
*Beware of the Dog
*Sense and Antisense

Disc 8:
**Millenium Season 2 episodes (Disc 2)
*A Single Blade of Grass
*The Curse of Frank Black
*The Hand of Saint Sebastian
*The Hand of Saint Sebastian Commentary by Tom Wright

Disc 9:
**Millenium Season 2 episodes (Disc 3)
*Jose Chung’s Doomsday Defense
*Midnight of the Century (Holiday)
*Goodbye Charlie

Disc 10:
**Millenium Season 2 episodes (Disc 4)
*The Mikado
*The Pest House
*The Mikado Commentary by Michael R. Perry

Disc 11:
**Millenium Season 2 episodes (Disc 5)
*In Arcadia
*A Room with No View

Disc 12:
**Millenium Season 2 episodes (Disc 6)
*Satan Got Behind Me
*The Fourth Horseman
*The Time is Now

**The Turn of the Tide: Making of Season 2
**Academy Group: Victimology

Season 3:
Disc 13:
**Millenium Season 3 episodes (Disc 1)
*The Innocents (Commentary by Lance Henrickson and Klea Scott)

Disc 14:
**Millenium Season 3 episodes (Disc 2)
*...Thirteen Years Later (KISS)
*Skull and Bones
*Through A Glass, Darkly
*Human Essence

Disc 15:
**Millenium Season 3 episodes (Disc 3)
*Borrowed Time
*Collateral Damage (Commentary by Tom Wright)
*The Sound of Snow

Disc 16:
**Millenium Season 3 episodes (Disc 4)
*Forcing the End
*Saturn Dreaming of Mercury

Disc 17:
**Millenium Season 3 episodes (Disc 5)
*Darwin's Eyes
*Bardo Thodol
*Seven and One

Disc 18:
**Millenium Season 3 episodes (Disc 6)
*Via Dolorosa
*Goodbye To All That
*X-Files "Millennium" episode from Season 7

**End Game: The Making of Millennium Season 3 & Between the Lines


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