Monsters vs Aliens: Supersonic Joyride
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  • Genre: Family
  • Year: 2013
English Dolby Digital 5.1
English, Spanish, French


The monstrous laughs and ginormous adventures continue with this action-packed collection of Monsters vs. Aliens TV episodes inspired by DreamWorks Animation’s hit movie. Buckle up for a joyride of fun as the members of Team Monster — Susan, Link, Dr. Cockroach, Ph.D. and B.O.B., the gelatinous blob — work together to save the world from an outrageous assortment of power-hungry aliens, including a few NEW colorful characters!

Disc Information

**98 Pound Cockroach / When Nature Shrieks
**It Got Out of Hand / Sound of Fear, The
**Sorry Syndrome, The / Speak Not the Q Word
**Screaming Your Calls / Time-Out That Wouldn't End, The
**It Came from Channel 5 / It Ruled With an Iron Fist
**Driven to Madness / Beast from 20,000 Gallons, The
**Sneezing Horror, The / Prisoner of the Dark Dimension
**Number Seven! / Friend Who Wasn't There, The


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