Never Let Me Go
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  • Rated: R
  • Genre: Drama
  • Year: 2010
English: 5.1 Dolby Digital / Spanish: 5.1 Dolby Digital / French: 5.1 Dolby Digital
English, French & Spanish / Subtitled


Academy Award® Nominees Carey Mulligan* and Keira Knightley**, co-star with talented newcomer Andrew Garfield (The Social Network) in this poignant and powerful film. Kathy (Mulligan), Ruth (Knightley) and Tommy (Garfield) are best friends who grow up together at an English boarding school with a chilling secret. When they learn the shocking truth – that they are genetically engineered clones raised to be organ donors – they embrace their fleeting chance to live and love. Based on the acclaimed novel by Kazuo Ishiguro (The Remains of the Day), Never Let Me Go is an intriguing exploration of hope and humanity.

Disc Information

**Widescreen Theatrical Feature

**The Secrets of Never Let Me Go
**Mark Romanek's On-Set Photography
**Tommy's Art
**National Donor Programme & Hailsham Campaign Graphics
**Theatrical Trailer

Cast & Crew

Keira Knightley ... Ruth
Andrew Garfield ... Tommy
Carey Mulligan ... Kathy
Charlotte Rampling ... Miss Emily
Nathalie Richard ... Madame
Sally Hawkins ... Miss Lucy
Andrea Riseborough ... Chrissie


Amy Biancolli Houston Chronicle | October 08, 2010

Never Let Me Go is gorgeous. And depressing. It's exquisitely acted. And depressing. It's romantic, profound and superbly crafted, shot with the self-contained radiance of a snow globe. And it's depressing.

Rene Rodriguez Miami Herald | October 07, 2010

Never Let Me Go, director Mark Romanek's introspective adaptation of Kazuo Ishiguro's novel, is a work of subtle beauty -- a melancholy meditation on the finality of life and the choices we make as our time shortens.

Roger Moore Orlando Sentinel | October 06, 2010

Lovely and melancholy, poignant and chilling, Never Let Me Go is an old school sci-fi dystopia with lovely, wistful performances that never quite overcome the fatalism that hangs over the whole affair.

Peter Rainer Christian Science Monitor | October 01, 2010

Never Let Me Go is strangely moving and mournful, but I wish more had been made of the beauty these people are relinquishing, if only as a counterweight to all that artful drear.

Rick Groen Globe and Mail | September 24, 2010

The emotional impact creeps up on the reader only gradually. Then, bam, it hits forcefully, memorably, and, yes, never lets us go.

Chris Vognar Dallas Morning News | September 24, 2010

The combination of social anguish and dark chill in Never Let Me Go packs a quietly devastating punch.

Peter Howell Toronto Star | September 24, 2010

It may rob the film of drama, but Romanek has erred on the side of quality, crafting a beautifully cast and artfully rendered allegory of lost youth and trampled innocence.


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