NYPD Blue Season 3
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  • Rated: Unrated
  • Genre: Drama
  • Year: 1995
English, Spanish & French: Mono
English, Spanish, & French / Subtitled


One of the most acclaimed and beloved dramas in television history, NYPD Blue has finally signed off from network TV. Relive all the passion, brotherhood, joy, and heartbreak of the 15th precinct as NYPD Blue is immortalized on DVD with Season 3. In this season Dennis Franz won his second of 4 Emmys for Best Actor in a Drama for NYPD Blue; Franz character, Det. Andy Sipowicz, experiences the highs of falling in love and the lows of experiencing the loss of his son Andy Jr. to a violent murder.

Disc Information

Bonus Features:
Disk 2 side 1:
*"Sorry, Wrong Suspect" Commentary with director Michael Robin

Disk 3 side 1:
*"Head Case" Commentary with director Randall Zisk and actor Gordon Clapp

Disk 4 side 2:
*Special Features:
**Season Three Overview featurette
**Fathers and Sons featurette
**Women of NYPD Blue featurette
**The 15th Precinct featurette
**Fathers and Sons featurette
**FX: NYPD Blue TV Spot

Episode Description:
Disk 1 side 1:
**"Torah! Torah! Torah!"
**"One Big Happy Family"
**"Heavin' Can Wait"

Disk 1 side 2:
**"Dirty Laundry"
**"Curt Russell"

Disk 2 side 1:
**"Aging Bull"
**"Cold Heaters"
**"Sorry, Wrong Suspect"
**"The Backboard Jungle"

Disk 2 side 2:
**"Burnin' Love"
**"These Old Bones"

Disk 3 side 1:
**"A Tushfull of Dollars"
**"The Nutty Confessor"
**"Head Case"
**"Girl Talk"

Disk 3 side 2:
**"Hollie and the Blowfish"
**"We Was Robbed"

Disk 4 side 1:
**"Aintie Maimed"
**"A Death in the Family"

Disk 4 side 2:
**"Closing Time"
**"He's Not Guilty, He's My Brother"


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