Other Side of Midnight
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  • Rated: R
  • Genre: Drama, Romance
  • Year: 1977
English: Stereo


Based on the novel by Sidney Sheldon, this riveting story of love and revenge boasts dazzling portrayals by Marie-France Pisier, John Beck and Susan Sarandan in one of her career-making roles.

Although American WWII pilot Larry Douglas (Beck) promises to marry French femme fatale Noelle Page (Pisier), he instead returns Stateside and marries well-to-do Catherine Alexander (Sarandon). And once Noelle takes a Greek multi-millionaire (Raf Vallone) as a lover, she plots to shame Larry by arranging for him to be the tycoonÄ’s private pilot. But in one of many delicious twists of fate in this gripping tale of love, war and betrayal, Noelle and Larry again become passionate, and when Catherine refuses to divorce Larry, the cheating couple seek a murderous revenge.

Cast & Crew

Marie-France Pisier ... Noelle Page
John Beck ... Larry Douglas
Susan Sarandon ... Catherine
Raf Vallone ... Constantin Demeris
Clu Gulager ... Bill Fraser
Christian Marquand ... Armand Gautier
Michael Lerner ... Barbet

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