Reba Season 4
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  • Rated: Unrated
  • Genre: Comedy, TV DVD
  • Year: 2004
English & Spanish: Stereo


It takes a lot of heart to keep a family like this one together. Country music superstar Reba McIntyre is back as Reba Hart, and as always, keeping the peace in her household is one hilarious challenge after another. Amid Brock and Barbara Jean's marital troubles, Cheyenne's personal struggles, Van's career crisis, and Kyra's growing pains, Reba somehow manages to keep the whole family functioning at a level just above dysfunctional. A little love, it turns out, goes a long way. Vibrant, touching, and laugh-out-loud funny, Season Four of Reba has it all!

Disc Information

Disc 1:
**The Accidental Role Model
**Mother's Intuition
**Two Girl Theory

Disc 2:
**Van's Agent
**Couples' Therapy
**All Fore One

Disc 3:
**Hello, I Must Be Going
**No Boys Upstairs
**Diamond Jim Brady

Disc 4:
**Reba and the Nanny
**Date of Mirth
**Reba the Realtor
**Flowers for Van

Disc 5:
**Who Killed Brock?
**The Pageant of Grandmas
**Reba's Rules of Real Estate
**Driving Miss Kyra

Disc 6:
**Go Far
**Help Wanted
**Hello, My Name is Cheyenne


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