Rocky Balboa
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  • Rated: PG
  • Genre: Drama
  • Year: 2006
English Dolby Digital 5.1, French Dolby Digital 5.1
Rocky Balboa
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  • Rated: PG
  • Genre: Drama
  • Year: 2006
English PCM (Uncompressed) 5.1, English Dolby Digital 5.1, French Dolby Digital 5.1


When he loses a highly publicized virtual boxing match to ex-champ Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone), reigning heavyweight titleholder Mason Dixon (Antonio Tarver) retaliates by challenging the Italian Stallion to a nationally televised, 10-round exhibition bout. To the surprise of his son (Milo Ventimiglia, TV’s Heroes) and friends, Rocky agrees to come out of retirement and face an opponent who’s faster, stronger and thirty years his junior. With the odds stacked firmly against him, Rocky takes on Dixon in what will become the greatest fight in boxing history, a hard-hitting, action-packed battle of the ages!

Disc Information

**Theatrical Feature Blu-ray

**Deleted Scenes & Alternate Ending
**Boxing’s Bloopers
**Skill vs. Will: The Making of ROCKY BALBOA
**Reality in the Ring: Filming Rocky’s Final Fight
**Virtual Champion: Creating the Computer Fight
**Audio Commentary with Sylvester Stallone

Cast & Crew

Sylvester Stallone ... Rocky Balboa
Burt Young ... Paulie
Antonio Tarver ... Mason "The Line" Dixon
Geraldine Hughes ... Marie
Milo Ventimiglia ... Rocky Balboa Jr.
Tony Burton ... Duke
A.J. Benza ... L.C.


Bob Mondello NPR.org | October 18, 2008

I know, I know, you're thinking, oh please, not Rocky again. I was thinking that too.

Scott Foundas L.A. Weekly | December 22, 2006

What gives Rocky Balboa its unexpected pathos is the titanic humility of Stallone's performance, the earnestness with which he plays a man knocked down (but not out) by the ravages of time.

J. R. Jones Chicago Reader | December 20, 2006

As usual with Stallone's Rocky sequels, the schmaltz is unbearable, but the fight is plausibly handled, and Stallone's sincere sadness at growing older makes this an unexpectedly satisfying conclusion to the series.

Elizabeth Weitzman New York Daily News | December 20, 2006

Touchingly nostalgic, the sixth chapter in the saga of Sylvester Stallone's eternal underdog packs a far more powerful punch than anyone would have expected.

Robert Denerstein Denver Rocky Mountain News | December 20, 2006

A sequel that is at once preposterous, unnecessary and weirdly entertaining.

Liam Lacey Globe and Mail | December 20, 2006

Rocky Balboa scores a split decision: A familiar start, some flat-footed middle rounds and a solid, flailing finish.

James Berardinelli ReelViews | December 20, 2006

Stallone has said this is it for Rocky -- even if the film is major box office hit, there will be no seventh outing. If that's the case, it's hard to think of a better sendoff.


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