Shirley Temple: Stand up and Cheer
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  • Rated: G
  • Genre: Musical
  • Year: 1934
English: Stereo / English & Spanish: Mono


With America's economy at a standstill, the President creates the cabinet post of Secretary of Amusement and charges his new appointee with entertaining the country so everyone will forget their troubles. After all, as the President says, "any people blessed with a sense of humor can achieve success and victory". But certain businessmen who are getting rich off the misery of others try to sabotage this effort by launching a smear campaign to discredit the entire idea. Shirley does her part as little Shirley Dugan, Who has a song and dance act with her father (James Dunn).

Disc Information

*Full Screen Feature
*Trailer: LITTLE PRINCESS (2:29)


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