Sugar Hill
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  • Rated: R
  • Genre: Drama
  • Year: 1994


A life of crime has earned Roemello Skuggs and his brother, Raynathan money, power and respect. Now Roemello, weary of the destructive world, wants to start a new life with a sophisticated woman from a respectable family. But Raynathan needs his help in a bloody war, as the mob tries to mob in on their territory. The harder roemello tries to walk away, the more he's pulled back into the only world he's ever known and the more determined he becomes to bury the past.

Cast & Crew

Wesley Snipes ... Rosemello Skuggs
Michael Wright ... Raynathan Skuggs
Theresa Randle ... Melissa
Clarence Williams III ... A.R. Skuggs
Abe Vigoda ... Gus Molino
Larry Joshua ... Harry Molino
Ernie Hudson ... Lolly Jonas

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